About Rohtak

Deriving its name from the ancient Rohitaka or Rohtasgarh, Rohtak is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Apparently Nakula, a Pandava prince, fought the Yaudheyas on this ground.

Rohtak of today is a Municipal Corporation in Rohtak district that styles itself as the "Heart of Haryana". It is located 70 km northwest of New Delhi and 250 km south of the state capital Chandigarh at the NH 10. Rohtak forms a part of National Capital Region. Rohtak is also fast emerging as the industrial city of Haryana. It is very well connected through National Highways & Railways.

Places of Interest

The Tilyar Lake

The Tilyar Lake is a major tourist spot in Rohtak. The lake is spread around 20 acres with water shrubs and forests all around the place. The lake makes the entire area green upto a long distance. Adventure sports such as kayaking and Boating is a main attraction in the lake. There is a tourist resort called the Tilyar Resort near the lake that has a restaurant, a bar, a zoo, shops and a children s park. A number of tourists love to stay there as they get the beautiful lake side accommodation and a splendid night view of the lake. Delhi bye pass Rohtak, 3kms from Hotel Rivoli.

Bohar Monastery

The Bohar Monastery located in the city of Rohtak in the state of Haryana. The Bohar Monastery Built in 12th-century which features a series of shrines with historical frescoes. 5 kms from Hotel Rivoli.

Khokar Fort

Khokar fort located in the city of Rohtak. The Khokar fort built by the Khokars. 3 kms from Hotel Rivoli.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid located near the city of Rohtak in the state of Haryana. The Jama Masjid in Meham has now been turned into a gurudwara for the Sikhs in true secular fashion. 25kms on Hisar Road.

Bhindawas Lake

Bhindawas Lake located in the city of Rohtak in the state of Haryana. Bhindawas Lake is home for thousands of birds and officially a wildlife sanctuary since 1985. Spread out over an area of over 1,000 acres, Bhindawas is the largest wetland of Haryana, 80kms from Delhi. The lake covers 12kms of land, which was used for crop cultivation before it was flooded. 55 kms from Rohtak on Jhajjar Road.

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